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TreatmentDid you know that the average person walks over 125,000 miles in a life time?!? That’s 5x around the world if you were to walk in a straight line!! That same person puts more than 1.5 million pounds of pressure through each foot EVERY SINGLE DAY!! You could easily be doubling or tripling these figures if you are active!

So almost all people will develop some conditions due to the tremendous forces of walking! The way you walk is one of the main contributing factors to pain in the knee, hip and back!! Chiropodists perform a variety of techniques to help people walk better and feel better!!!

I analyze the way people walk and then cast the foot in a corrected position from which state-of-the-art Orthotics are manufactured to correct for those abnormalities. Chiropodists can write prescriptions which are accepted by all Insurance Companies for those of you with Extended Health Care Benefits.

Some of the complimentary services that I perform include treatment of: all types of nails, callouses, corns, ulcers and plantar warts! My clients range from children just starting to walk to people over 100 years old!

The saying – “If your feet hurt you hurt all over!” – cannot be more true!

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