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Tammy Townsend

RMT, Registered Massage Therapist

Tammy Townsend graduated from the Canadian College of Massage & Hydrotherapy in 1991 and has been actively practising Massage Therapy for over 20 years. Her experience working closely with chiropractors, multi-disciplinary clinics and in a spa setting have enabled her to become adept at treating clients with a multitude of conditions. She has successfully treated sports injuries, medical conditions, pre and post natal care, motor vehicle accidents and WSIB claims and implemented preventative/proactive stress relief. Tammy has also been trained in hot stone massage.

Tammy was selected to be a member of the Industry Working Committee setting Spa Guidelines for the RMT profession. She is currently working on a Business Communications Certificate and is in the process of compiling a series of courses to teach in the near future. Tammy is active in her own health and encourages her patients to do the same to their own capability.

Email: tammyt.rmt@gmail.com